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Table of Contents

Enduro/X Overview

Enduro/X is Open Source Enterprise Middleware Platform for Distributed Transaction Processing. It built on such proven APIs as X/Open group's XATMI and XA. The platform functions as drop-in replacement for Oracle (R) Tuxedo (R). In foundation of the platform are used in-memory POSIX Kernel queues. Which insures high Inter Process Communication throughput. Enduro/X is written in C language, and it is easy to write a bindings for other languages, such as Go, PHP, Python, etc.

Currently Enduro/X only works on GNU/Linux kernels starting from 2.6.12. The Linux kernel provides critical facilities for project to be made. The most critical thing is epoll() on POSIX Queues. This Linux functionality allows to create true mechanics for one queue - multiple servers, where servers are doing polling over the queues.

Enduro/X Middleware Platform provides an application server capability, which works much like Tuxedo. It have application configuration (named ndrxconfig.xml in which XATMI servers are registered) and there is `ndrxd' (much like Buletin Board) daemon process which loads the config and boots the servers. There is `xadmin' (much like tmadmin) utility which does boots and administers full application.