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803endurox-javaFeatureNewNormal (Code 4)Eventing support for Java tpsubscribe() / tpunsubscribe() / tppost()05/10/2023 05:24 PM
762Enduro/X CoreFeatureNewNormal (Code 4)Parallel server startup at ndrxconfig.xml08/15/2022 12:07 PM
751Enduro/X CoreFeatureNewNormal (Code 4)tmsrv optimizations12/27/2021 10:04 PM
741endurox-connectSupportNewNormal (Code 4)convert project to go modules12/19/2021 10:25 PM
740Enduro/X CoreFeatureNewNormal (Code 4)tmsrv and tmqueue database backend for storage12/08/2021 11:07 PM
702Enduro/X CoreSupportNewNormal (Code 4)Postgresql libndrxxapq.adoc / libndrxxaecpg.adoc review06/15/2021 11:47 AM
693Enduro/X CoreSupportNewNormal (Code 4)Commit rules description11/05/2021 10:00 PM
682Enduro/X CoreSupportNewNormal (Code 4)Add pthread_mutexattr_setrobust for emq support to avoid stalling on process crash05/13/2021 11:03 AM
660Enduro/X CoreSupportNewNormal (Code 4)When system-v service fails to advertise doe to max servers per service is full shall return error04/11/2021 10:28 PM
658Enduro/X CoreSupportNewNormal (Code 4)When bridge sends refresh message and at the same happens some change in services (advertise/unadvertise) the delta and refresh messages might reorder03/26/2021 10:06 PM
649Enduro/X CoreSupportNewNormal (Code 4)tmsrv startup is not logged to -e sysopt log file03/15/2021 09:52 AM
647Enduro/X CoreSupportNewNormal (Code 4)xadmin down fails to down the system, if LCF shared memory size settings changed03/10/2021 09:48 PM
645Enduro/X CoreFeatureNewNormal (Code 4)cpmsrv shutdown script03/10/2021 12:08 PM
605endurox-goSupportNewNormal (Code 4)Version for Solaris11/09/2020 11:28 PM
597Enduro/X CoreFeatureNewNormal (Code 4)dynamic tpadvertise / tpunadvertise from server threads10/06/2020 12:56 PM
595Enduro/X CoreFeatureNewNormal (Code 4)Tpbridge tracability enhancement and 10/01/2020 01:20 PM
593Enduro/X CoreFeatureNewNormal (Code 4)tpadmrun() notify ndrxd for long running service operations09/24/2020 12:34 PM
574Enduro/X CoreBugNewNormal (Code 4)protect against running atmi server dispatcher thread twice or in more copies in the same binary08/02/2020 12:21 AM
573Enduro/X CoreSupportNewNormal (Code 4)in case of using -i the server process shall terminate and shared memory shall be cleaned up07/23/2020 10:12 AM
568Enduro/X CoreFeatureNewNormal (Code 4)BFLDDB replication infrastrucutre07/06/2020 01:51 PM
563Enduro/X CoreBugNewNormal (Code 4)Enduro/X base64 handling shall not print logs06/29/2020 04:16 PM
561endurox-javaBugNewNormal (Code 4)org.endurox.exceptions.AtmiTPETIMEException: 13:TPETIME (last error 13: ndrx_mq_receive failed for 1178910 (110): Connection timed out)06/22/2020 07:18 PM
556Enduro/X CoreSupportNewNormal (Code 4)tpstrerror shall return message only, not the code06/10/2020 01:08 PM
551Enduro/X CoreFeatureNewNormal (Code 4)LMDB with shm_open instead of disk file05/13/2020 10:37 PM
541Enduro/X CoreFeatureNewNormal (Code 4)Wildcard support in FIELDTBLS04/21/2020 02:47 PM

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