Bug #255

PING time configuration

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Following config causes all processes to fail the ping:


I would understand that this is:
- Every 25 seconds, perform ping, pin max response time 10 sec.

But for some reason Enduro/X thinks that pings have failed for all processes.


#1 Updated by Madars almost 4 years ago

N:NDRX:5:19462:7f543fd187c0:000:20171129:220132000:sanity.c:0150:Time for sanity checking...
N:NDRX:5:19462:7f543fd187c0:000:20171129:220132000:iutils.c:0492:gencall command: 52, reply_only=0, need_reply=0 call flags=0x0, getcall flags=1
N:NDRX:4:19462:7f543fd187c0:000:20171129:220132000:iutils.c:0528:Sending data to [/n00b,srv,admin,tmsrv,310,19467] call flags=0x0
N:NDRX:5:19462:7f543fd187c0:000:20171129:220132000:iutils.c:0300:Enabling NONBLOCK send
N:NDRX:5:19462:7f543fd187c0:000:20171129:220132001:iutils.c:0550:Reply not needed!
N:NDRX:4:19462:7f543fd187c0:000:20171129:220132001:d_ping.c:0101:srv_send_ping returns with status 0
N:NDRX:5:19462:7f543fd187c0:000:20171129:220132001:sanity.c:0554:Ping response not in time - requesting kill (ping_time=5 delta=6 ping_max=5)
N:NDRX:3:19462:7f543fd187c0:000:20171129:220132001:sanity.c:0490:Killing PID: 19467/tmsrv/310 with signal -2
N:NDRX:4:19462:7f543fd187c0:000:20171129:220132001:cessor.c:0342:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>got message, len : 184
N:NDRX:5:19462:7f543fd187c0:000:20171129:220132001:cessor.c:0406:Command ID: 53
N:NDRX:5:19462:7f543fd187c0:000:20171129:220132001:cessor.c:0426:Source: [/n00b,srv,reply,tmsrv,310,19467] Command: 53 Executing command: srvping
N:NDRX:4:19462:7f543fd187c0:000:20171129:220132001:d_ping.c:0129:Server id=310 ok, binary: [tmsrv] ping reply seq: 1, rsptime: 1ms

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