Bug #362

Generating ubf tab file

Added by Einars Leckis over 1 year ago.

Status:NewStart date:12/13/2018
Priority:NormalDue date:
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Enduro/X 6.0.2, build Dec 4 2018 22:33:27, using epoll for LINUX (64 bits)

Enduro/X Middleware Platform for Distributed Transaction Processing
Copyright (C) 2009-2016 ATR Baltic Ltd.
Copyright (C) 2017,2018 Mavimax Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

This software is released under one of the following licenses:
AGPLv3 or Mavimax license for commercial use.

0: table_name :UBF Table name (.fd will be added) [test]: custom
1: base_number :Base number [6000]:
2: testfields :Add test fields [y]:
3: genexfields :Gen Exfields [y]:
4: genmake :Gen makefile [y]:
5: makeLang :Target language (c/go) [c]: c

  • Review & edit configuration ***

0: Edit table_name :UBF Table name (.fd will be added) [custom]:
1: Edit base_number :Base number [6000]:
2: Edit testfields :Add test fields [y]:
3: Edit genexfields :Gen Exfields [y]:
4: Edit genmake :Gen makefile [y]:
5: Edit makeLang :Target language (c/go) [c]:
c: Cancel
w: Accept, write
Enter the choice [0-6, c, w]: w
Gen ok!

When generating ubf tab and choose to generate C ubf tab it creates dependency on Go ubf tab Makefile on main Makefile.
Makefile content after generation.

.PHONY: clean all

-$(MAKE) -f Mclang
-$(MAKE) -f Mgolang
-$(MAKE) -f Mclang clean
-$(MAKE) -f Mgolang clean

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