Enduro/X 5.1 released

New version includes big message size support (over 64KB) - now limited to OS. Performance improvements for UBF buffer and tpbridge. Few bugfixes for tpbridge.
Added by Editor over 6 years ago

Enduro/X 5.1 have been released. The main changes in this version is support for big message sizes. Up till version 5.0 the max message size in system was limited to 64KB. Now with version 5.1 and upwards, the limit is removed. Now message size is limited by the Operating System - POSIX Message queue subsystem. More details about message queue, please see Enduro/X Admin Manual.

Other notable changes which are included in this release, is Client Process Monitor (cpmsrv) and corresponding command line utilities like "xadmin bc", "xadmin rc" and "xadmin sc" now are capable to handle the client tags and subsections by wild card matching. Symbol "%" can be used for substituting any string. Also CPMSRV command line utilities accept tag/subsection with out any extra arguments. For more information see xadmin's man page

There are few bugfixes made in tpbridge. The tpbridge protocol mode TLV is changed, now data length is encoded in 4 bytes (instead of 2). There are few performance improvements made in system with this release. Changes in UBF library to not to perform free space memset to zero. Also few buffer copies are eliminated from tpbridge. Tpbridge also got extra data validity checks to avoid buffer overruns in case of defective TCP packets.

Changes: Feature #127, Bug #229, Feature #230, Bug #234, Feature #244, Bug #243, Feature #248, Bug #240, Bug #238.