EnduroX Open Source Middleware Platform for Distributed Transaction Processing. Platform provides compatibility with Oracle ® Tuxedo ®

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Manager: Lauris, Madars, Oskars

Developer: Einars, Lauris, Lauris, Oskars

Reporter: Lauris, Lauris, Oskars

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Enduro/X 7.5 Release
Enduro/X 7.5 Major release
Added by Madars 6 months ago

7.0.16 Patch release
Release of Support #443, Support #493 fixes
Added by Madars almost 2 years ago

Enduro/X 7.0 Release
Enduro/X 7.0 is finally out. Major developments developments include Java support, PostgreSQL emulated XA driver, TMIB informative interface, NetXMS updated for inter-operation. Adding RHEL 8.x to release chain.
Added by Madars almost 2 years ago

Enduro/X 6.0 released
Enduro/X release information
Added by Madars almost 3 years ago

Oracle Linux releases UEK 5
Oracle is released UEK 5 kernel for its Linux server operating system
Added by Madars about 3 years ago

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