Enduro/X 5.2 Released

Enduro/X 5.2 release contains the work for sensitive data encryption. Also contains other improvements and bug-fixes.
Added by Madars almost 4 years ago

Major work on support for PCI/DSS mandatory configuration encryption have been performed. Now Enduro/X is capable of encrypt and decrypt sections of configuration file. Provided command line utilities "exencrypt" and "exdecrypt" for encryption use in scripts. Introduction of plugin architecture (currently used for crypto key providers) So that software vendors may implement it's own algorithms for symmetrical encryption key storage.

Implemented tpconvert() ATMI call. Other feature now is that "@global" section for ini files are read twice, meaning that in ini file user may reference to previously defined env/global variable.

Overall fixes: #261 Bug, #118 Feature, #237 Feature, #236 Bug, #245 Feature, #258 Support, #259 Support, #255 Bug, #254 Bug.