Enduro/X 5.3 released

Enduro/X 5.3 is released. The version contains major work done for SOA/Microservices cache, features is called Enduro/X Smart Cache.
Added by Madars over 3 years ago

New version of Enduro/X offers configuration of XATMI service cache by means of administrative configuration. No additional programming is required to enable service cache. The service cache allows to increase the performance of existing applications which are using Enduro/X. Cache using proven LMDB memory mapped file technology, which allows to create a persisted and non persisted caches. The Enduro/X configuration allows to create distributed caches where data of caches is synchronized between cluster nodes. The configuration allows to define rules when data shall be cached and shall be invalidated. Caches can be limited by different strategies. Cached data can be marked with expiry too.

For configuration details see tpcached(3) man page. For configuration examples see https://github.com/endurox-dev/endurox/tree/master/atmitest/test048_cache.

This version also includes other bugfixes and small improvements.

List of fixes:
Feature #272, Bug #291, Feature #287, Bug #290, Support #279, Feature #294, Bug #293

Stable release version is: 5.3.4+.