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Enduro/X benchmark vs Apache Kafka vs RabbitMQ vs ActiveMQ on Go
Added by Madars over 4 years ago

During the testing the results shows that Enduro/X shows goods results with RPC
style calls. For Oneway testing (publish only), Apache Kafka was the best. But
downside for Kafka is that calls were not blocked, thus “dirty” solution was to
restart the sending message to the queue while the Enduro/X no “dirty fixes” are
needed, as when the queue is full, the process blocks and waits for free space.
Then after all the ActiveMQ with Go STOMP client was also showing good results
when message size increased. But the downside with STOMP client was that, during
the testing, the client got disconnected for some reason. RabbitMQ also seems to
be stable platform and no special fixes were needed to execute the test cases
(except that channel send must be used to get “blocked” style calls). RabbitMQ
showed quite good stable results.