Madars Vitolins



Reported issues: 440


01:52 PM endurox-java Support #485 (New): Test service aliasing in config and then further service call in java


02:20 PM Enduro/X Feature #484 (New): xadmin provision systemclt script generation
When provisioning new runtime, it would be nice to have that endurox.service script would be generated.
02:18 PM Enduro/X Support #483 (New): ndrxd recovery mode
In case if ndrxd is killed but all the other components of the system is still up and running,
the ndrxd shall en...


07:00 PM Enduro/X Feature #482 (New): tplog: UBF Buffer diff function
It would be nice to have function to compare two UBF buffers and print in logs kind of diff between two buffers like
12:45 PM Enduro/X Support #481 (New): Remove pdf adding to packages
Seems there is no need for distributing PDF for the package documentation. All the infos are in the web.
Th have off...


09:16 PM endurox-java endurox-java-1.0.2-2.SUNOS5_10_java1_8.sparc_64.tar.gz
09:16 PM Enduro/X endurox-7.0.14-1.SUNOS5_10_GNU_SystemV.sparc_64.tar.gz


10:01 AM endurox-java endurox-java-1.0.2-1.DARWIN15_4_0_java1_8.x86_64_64.tar.gz


10:15 PM Enduro/X endurox-7.0.14-1.DARWIN15_4_0_Clang_emq.x86_64_64.tar.gz
04:15 PM endurox-java Bug #478 (New): exjld if invalid main class name is provided during compile, at the runtime segme...

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