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12:24 AM Enduro/X Support #505: UBF un-init memory usage
03:18 PM Enduro/X Support #505: UBF un-init memory usage
Seems that this may cause at some rare cases UBF buffer corruption when working with CARRAY fields.


06:27 PM Enduro/X Support #505 (New): UBF un-init memory usage


09:34 PM Enduro/X Support #503 (New): test048_cache unit test failure on ubuntu 14.04
03:41 PM Enduro/X Feature #463: System V queue interface optimizations
The other option would be that aux thread scans for timeouts once in a second and internal pipe is not used for sendi...


10:31 PM Enduro/X Support #502 (New): solaris 11 x86 test case test038_tpnotify fail
01:52 PM Enduro/X Bug #501 (New): Seems like if in background binary is restarted during the program shutdown, some...
08:47 AM Enduro/X Support #500 (New): Ubuntu 18.04 test002_basicforward failed
08:47 AM Enduro/X Support #499 (New): test064_bufswitch failed on centos6


08:05 PM endurox-java Support #498 (New): compiled xatmi server startup

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