Multiple generic clients

Added by Ojars over 6 years ago

In case, when system needs many generic clients without specific or custom data in configuration subsection, it would be cool to have just a plain count variable instead of full line for each.
Technically it might be implemented like:
Count variable by default is 1 if not specified.
If count value is specified - section can look like:

<client cmdline="myclient -t MYGENCLIENT -s 1">

<exec tag="MYGENCLIENT" subsect="MYGENCLIENTSUBSECT_${ID}" autostart="Y" log="${LOGDIR}/tmp/MYGENCLIENT_${ID}" count=100/>


To make system more flexible, subsection can be considered as empty if does not exist in config file or applied if exist.
For example, first 5 clients can be started with specific parameters located in subsections, next 5 with another, and remaining - without (generic). To keep consistency, empty subsections internally can be kept in "virtual" mode what is used real is not found.

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RE: Multiple generic clients - Added by Madars over 6 years ago

Good idea. Opened Feature request: