Tuxedo 8.1 to Enduro/X Migration

Added by Narayanamoorthy over 3 years ago


I am new to this forum. Actually we are using Oracle tuxedo in one of our application and this application connects Oracle Tuxedo in both Client and server side.

So now we are migrating from Oracle Tuxedo to Enduro/X. In our application we are connecting client and server over the FML/CSL language and some backend server side program are written in Pro*C.

And client(Fron end application was developed in Appeon Powerbuilder . It's kind of window based application.

So can you tell me is that (Enduro/X) support for my application. I have analyzed couple of JBoss server for replacement of Tuxedo as below.

Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.
Apache Tomcat.
Apache Server.
IBM WebSphere Application Server.
IIS 7.5.
Apache Geronimo.
TIBCO Cloud Integration.

But Enduro is most compatible one as per some suggestions. It would be great if you share some guidance about my query.

Thank you.

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RE: Tuxedo 8.1 to Enduro/X Migration - Added by Lauris over 3 years ago

Hi Narayanamoorthy,

From server side (XATMI servers, XATMI clients), I would say that there shall be no problem to migrate from Tuxedo to Enduro/X. Also I would suggest that you do the migration based on version 7.5 (Downloads here https://www.endurox.org/projects/endurox/files probably you know already).

Regarding the client side (window apps), we do not support JOLT or any other Tuxedo client libraries (.net, etc..). But we to have external connectivity via endurox-connect product, particulary restin process. This allows to expose XATMI services as rest services and there is mode to convert FML buffer to JSON and vice versa. So desktop app shall use just standard web services for communication with server side. See document here https://www.endurox.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=endurox-connect:v2.4.x:manuals:restincl.8

Latest Enduro/X version can be downloaded here https://www.endurox.org/projects/endurox-addons/files and some tutorial for restin is here: https://www.endurox.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=endurox-connect:v2.4.x:guides:restinout_user_guide

For web service guides you can also check the restincl unit tests for sample configs and invocations: https://github.com/endurox-dev/endurox-connect/blob/master/tests/01_restin/
- configuration: https://github.com/endurox-dev/endurox-connect/blob/master/tests/01_restin/runtime/conf/restin.ini
- Invocations: https://github.com/endurox-dev/endurox-connect/blob/master/tests/01_restin/run.sh

So if web services calls for front-end app is ok to access Endurox backend app, then I would suggest that Enduro/X is right way to migrate to.