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My name is Rich and am researching options for replacing our C Tuxedo components that integrate with WebLogic via Tuxedo Domains component and WebLogic WTC.

What are the recommended methods for integrating Enduro/X services with WLS business services and where can I read more about how?

Is there an Enduro/X component similar to Tuxedo Domains component that supports XA transactions between WLS and Enduro/X domains?

Please suggest WLS and Enduro/X integration references with examples if known.



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RE: WebLogic Enduro/X Connector - Added by Madars about 1 year ago

Hi Rich,

Enduro/X allows to inter-connect multiple Enduro/X instances on different servers via tpbridge process. Between these connected nodes XA 2pc works ok.
We do not have direct alternative for wtc. But there are few options:

- Use Enduro/X connect restincl - which allows to invoke Enduro/X services as rest services. There are some api points and headers to orchestrate the ATMI transactions over the WS calls. But there is no bridge with Java transactions. Documentation here: https://www.endurox.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=endurox-connect:v2.5.x:manuals:restincl.8

- Use Enduro/X java package (which uses JNI interface to underlying Enduro/X), this includes many api similarities with WTC, but same situation here, while it is possible to control ATMI transactions from this api, there is no bridge to Java transactions (e.g. no integration with JTA). Documentation here: https://www.endurox.org/endurox-java-doc/v1.5.x/

Probably it wouldn't be too complicated to implement transaction bridging as a custom project if it is critically necessary for any of above options. That could probably be some kind of custom Java XAResource for JTA which would prepare a Java xid to C side, where at C side this xid would be mapped to Enduro/X generated xid, which could be used in XATMI C processes. And then Enduro/X transaction manager shall be upgraded with run mode, where 2pc state machine of all C XA resources is driven by Java Transaction Manager via proxy calls, instead of self driving.

RE: WebLogic Enduro/X Connector - Added by Richard about 1 year ago

Thanks so much for the quick reply and references.