View files 32 bit capable?

Added by Francis 6 months ago

I tried to compile an existing TUXEDO view32 file that had this line in it...

string xxx_fm_detailssub_no XXX_FM_DETAILSSUB_NO 120000 - 21 "@@"

and got this error...

N:NDRX:2:ea7cd3f0:03498:ffff7fe88010:000:20210418:154922213794:main :/viewc.c:0189:Failed to load view file [x.v]: 18:View file syntax error (last error 18: Invalid count: -11072 (parsed from [120000]), line: 3141)

Looked like it came from this constant NDRX_VIEW_FLD_COUNT_MAX which is set to 65535 which would be a 16bit FML limit?

Are view files limited to the original 16 bit FML limit?

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RE: View files 32 bit capable? - Added by Madars 6 months ago


In Enduro/X all UBF/FML is 32 bit. I just checked Tuxedo spec, and it says that "count" field max value is 65535. Thought Enduro/X internally uses count field as signed short, thus max 32K occurrences/count can be set in view field single field.
So you have string array with 120k occurrences (seems something quite big) where each occurrence len is 21 chars?

RE: View files 32 bit capable? - Added by Francis 6 months ago

Oh, I see that too.


The number of elements to be allocated (that is, the maximum number of occurrences to be stored for this member); must be less than or equal to 65535.*

I will go and check the Oracle viewc.

Looks like they have two, viewc and viewc32! and I can't compare the output as the Oracle one is binary.

regards, Francis.