Enduro/X 5.3 released

Added by Madars about 4 years ago

New version of Enduro/X offers configuration of XATMI service cache by means of administrative configuration. No additional programming is required to enable service cache. The service cache allows to increase the performance of existing applications which are using Enduro/X. Cache using proven LMDB memory mapped file technology, which allows to create a persisted and non persisted caches. The Enduro/X configuration allows to create distributed caches where data of caches is synchronized between cluster nodes. The configuration allows to define rules when data shall be cached and shall be invalidated. Caches can be limited by different strategies. Cached data can be marked with expiry too.

For configuration details see tpcached(3) man page. For configuration examples see

This version also includes other bugfixes and small improvements.

List of fixes:
Feature #272, Bug #291, Feature #287, Bug #290, Support #279, Feature #294, Bug #293

Stable release version is: 5.3.4+.

Enduro/X 5.2 Released

Added by Madars over 4 years ago

Major work on support for PCI/DSS mandatory configuration encryption have been performed. Now Enduro/X is capable of encrypt and decrypt sections of configuration file. Provided command line utilities "exencrypt" and "exdecrypt" for encryption use in scripts. Introduction of plugin architecture (currently used for crypto key providers) So that software vendors may implement it's own algorithms for symmetrical encryption key storage.

Implemented tpconvert() ATMI call. Other feature now is that "@global" section for ini files are read twice, meaning that in ini file user may reference to previously defined env/global variable.

Overall fixes: #261 Bug, #118 Feature, #237 Feature, #236 Bug, #245 Feature, #258 Support, #259 Support, #255 Bug, #254 Bug.

Enduro/X 5.1 released

Added by Madars over 4 years ago

Enduro/X 5.1 have been released. The main changes in this version is support for big message sizes. Up till version 5.0 the max message size in system was limited to 64KB. Now with version 5.1 and upwards, the limit is removed. Now message size is limited by the Operating System - POSIX Message queue subsystem. More details about message queue, please see Enduro/X Admin Manual.

Other notable changes which are included in this release, is Client Process Monitor (cpmsrv) and corresponding command line utilities like "xadmin bc", "xadmin rc" and "xadmin sc" now are capable to handle the client tags and subsections by wild card matching. Symbol "%" can be used for substituting any string. Also CPMSRV command line utilities accept tag/subsection with out any extra arguments. For more information see xadmin's man page

There are few bugfixes made in tpbridge. The tpbridge protocol mode TLV is changed, now data length is encoded in 4 bytes (instead of 2). There are few performance improvements made in system with this release. Changes in UBF library to not to perform free space memset to zero. Also few buffer copies are eliminated from tpbridge. Tpbridge also got extra data validity checks to avoid buffer overruns in case of defective TCP packets.

Changes: Feature #127, Bug #229, Feature #230, Bug #234, Feature #244, Bug #243, Feature #248, Bug #240, Bug #238.

Enduro/X 3.5.9 Released

Added by Madars almost 5 years ago

- #160 Feature Closed High Add feature to XA subsystem so that if tpbegin() fails, then do tpclose/tpopen/tpbegin again

In short, in some customer environments setups, the aggressive firewalls might drop the connection which have been established to database via tpopen(internally xa_open). In those cases if Transaction Manager Server (tmsrv) have been long standing with out activity, the connection might be dropped. Then next incoming request for new transaction might fail with different errors. Thus to address this issue new "NDRX_XA_FLAGS" environment variable have been added. It is tag-value based parameter. Currently new tag "RECON" have been added.

Excerpt from manpage

           Special for XA sub-system. It is semicolon separated tags with values. currently tag RECON is defined.  RECON tag defines the
           number of attempts of xa_close()/xa_open() and doing xa_start() again in case if original xa_start() failed (the ATMI call
           tpbegin()) - for example firewall have been closed the connection. The format for the tag is: RECON:<comma separated list of
           error codes e.g. 4,-8,* - any err>:<number of attempts>:<sleep between attempts milli-sec> example: RECON:*:3:100, meaning
           reconnect on any xa_start error, do the 3x attempts, sleep 100 milliseconds between attempts.

The parameter shall be set in environment file, or Common-Configuration [@global] section.

Enduro/X 3.5.6 Released

Added by Madars about 5 years ago

Following issues have been fixed in this release:

#112 Bug Closed High Remove conversational queues after client/server dies
#145 Bug Closed Normal Seems on linux when doing -sSVC1,SVC2,SVC3:OLDSVC does not do advertise of SVC2 and SVC3
#140 Bug Closed Normal Bug with service registry - possible core dump
#139 Feature Closed Normal Reuse service registry shared memory cells for services which does not have advertised any service
#113 Feature Closed Normal Add unix mode with assuming that mqd_t is file descriptor

IBM AIX 7.1 Binary release

Added by Madars about 5 years ago

- Enduro/X team is proud to announce that IBM AIX 7.1 binary builds will be provided on the regular release schedule.
- The first release could be found in Files section: endurox-3.5.3-1.AIX7_1_XL.powerpc.tar.gz

Note that platform-script is not supported on AIX, thus xadmin gen and xadmin provision are not available for AIX platform.

Enduro/X 3.5.2 Released

Added by Madars about 5 years ago

This version includes following fixed bugs:

#105 - ORA-01591: lock held by in-doubt distributed transaction 1.8.49044. Now transaction if it is in prepare stage and tmsrv is restarted, then transaction is automatically aborted, because there is no way that caller will get back the positive response.

Enduro/X 3.3.2 Released

Added by Madars over 5 years ago

New functions have been added to XATMI sub-system, which is intended to be used by user for doing debug logging of their applications.
List of the function:

extern NDRX_API void tplogdumpdiff(int lev, char *comment, void *ptr1, void *ptr2, int len);
extern NDRX_API void tplogdump(int lev, char *comment, void *ptr, int len);
extern NDRX_API void tplog(int lev, char *message);
extern NDRX_API int tploggetreqfile(char *filename, int bufsize);
extern NDRX_API int tplogconfig(int logger, int lev, char *debug_string, char *module,
char *new_file);
extern NDRX_API void tplogclosereqfile(void);
extern NDRX_API void tplogclosethread(void);
extern NDRX_API void tplogsetreqfile_direct(char *filename);


extern NDRX_API int tplogsetreqfile(char **data, char *filename, char *filesvc);
extern NDRX_API int tploggetbufreqfile(char *data, char *filename, int bufsize);
extern NDRX_API int tplogdelbufreqfile(char *data);
extern NDRX_API void tplogprintubf(int lev, char *title, UBFH *p_ub);

See the man pages of these function, and additional information can be found in ex_devguide document.

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